PROG 557 – The Power Of Prayer – Part One

Welcome back to Victorious Life with Pastor David Crespo! We continue with the last chapter in our study through a wonderful epistle of how to’s, written by “James, a bond servant of God and The Lord Jesus Christ.” Today’s message is titled “The Power Of Prayer” we learn from James that prayer is for everyone and no matter what condition you are in, prayer is a very important part of our lives as believers in Christ! We must pray to stay in tune with the will of the father!

Lord God, we thank you for all that you’ve done. We thank you for Your wonderful word of instruction! Help us to stay in tune by keeping us filled with Your Holy Spirit! Help us to be all that we can be in Christ! It is Your will we seek, it is your will we ask for and it is in Your Son’s name we pray, amen!

James 5:13-20